Friday, January 30, 2009

The Audacity of Disdain

What Have You Heard from Your Republican Congressman about the stimulus package currently working its way through the Federal government? What doesn't he like? What would he change?

What Conservative Ideal Would He Apply to make this stimulus package better?

What Changes Would It Take, to get your Republican Congressman to Take Action on behalf of the American people?

What Has Your Republican Representative Told You about the failure of Conservative ideology, as evidenced by six years of Republican-controlled government (2001–2007)? As admitted in former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan’s apology to Congress last Fall?

Let’s Examine These Tenets of Conservative,
Republican Economic Ideology:

If the Great Depression Was Ended by World War II, and not by FDR’s New Deal, why hasn’t the Republican-led War in Iraq boosted the economy this time around?

If Free Markets Do Not Destroy Jobs, but create them, why are all of America’s manufacturing jobs going overseas?

If Free Markets Regulate Themselves, why are so many corporate CEOs giving themselves huge bonuses at a time when their companies are posting record-setting losses, and when bankruptcies are stealing all value from under the noses of their shareholder bosses?

If Tax Cuts Make the Economy Thrive, why has the economy gone to pieces under Republican leadership?

Conservative Economic Ideology Is: Dead

Conservative Ideology as Administered under Our Republican Leaders Has Failed. The Republican leadership offers nothing to replace it. Instead, they line up for photo opportunities with the new President, negotiate changes to the stimulus package—including even more tax cuts—and then brashly vote against it. Unanimously. One and all.

What Do Our Republican Representatives
Offer Us Instead?

The Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives Have Nothing to Offer Us. Or so they would have us believe. And so they thumb their noses at the American people, by grinning big grins while thumbing their noses at the President.

Maybe These Representatives Think it Makes Them Look Good, and tough, and smart, to blind-side America's new President.

The Republican Congressional Caucus Has Nothing Left to Offer America. Instead, its members cleverly stonewall the President, while offering up nothing—not one single new idea—to get the economy going.

Smart? Or Heartless?

Maybe the Republicans Think They Look Smart, standing up there in the Nation's Capitol, thumbing their noses and grinning at their constituents.

Maybe with Their Families Safe and Their Jobs and Houses Secure, they don't have anything more-important to worry about, than trying to undermine the spirit of the American people, by trying to make the President look bad.

But in a Time of National Crisis, There's Nothing Smart or Clever or Funny about standing before the American people, while millions of us are losing our homes and our jobs, and there stand the Republicans in Congress, displaying a heartless audacity of disdain.